Jan van Dam Global Machine Logistics B.V. extends lease at Commodity Park Rotterdam

ProDelta recently reached agreement with Jan van Dam Global Machine Logistics B.V. for the lease of 4,750 m² of business space. The long-term extension of the lease is for two units that the company has leased since 2011.

The two units are located at the Commodity Park Rotterdam. The complex was developed by ProDelta in 2008 and comprises 71,000 m² of high-quality business space, divided into 28 units from 2,150 m². This compartmentation gives lessees the flexibility to expand and contract, safeguarding their accommodation in the complex for the long term.

The robust concrete structure gives the development a distinctive character in the port of Rotterdam. The solidly-built warehouses comply with the strict safety requirements for the storage of cocoa and ADR goods.

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