ProDelta concludes long-term lease with UBQ Materials in Bergen op Zoom

Recently ProDelta concluded a lease with UBQ Materials for a site of approx. 6 hectares at Conradweg 3-9 in Bergen op Zoom. A modern industrial building of 20,000 m2 has already been built on the site. A start will be made with the construction of additional buildings for UBQ during the first quarter of this year.

UBQ will be using this complex for the production of a raw material for the plastics processing industry, made from pre-treated household waste. Around 80,000 tonnes a year will be produced at the site for the West European market. The raw material produced is the most environmentally positive thermoplastic material in the world. It saves on oil consumption and reduces CO2 emissions.

The good business climate, Bergen op Zoom’s focus on a circular economy and the excellent infrastructure facilities have all been contributing factors in UBQ’s decision to move to this new site. The further development of this complex and UBQ’s sustainable and socially responsible production is in keeping with ProDelta’s long-term vision and sustainability objectives.

For further information, please contact Mr S. van Zwienen, tel. +31 (0)10 - 89 20 470 or at

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