ProDelta renews lease with Vos Logistics Solutions B.V. in Oss

ProDelta has recently renewed the lease with Vos Logistics Solutions in Oss. The lease is for a site of almost 13 hectares situated at Waalkade 4, 6-12, 5, 9-11 and 13-17. A number of buildings with a total floor area of approx. 50,000 m² are found on the site.

Vos Logistics Solutions has been active in Oss since its formation in 1944 and has been a tenant of ProDelta since 2014. This renewal of the lease continues the collaboration between the two companies.

Vos Logistics has grown to become a specialist in transport and customer-specific logistics services. Through its own network of 30 branches, Vos Logistics is active throughout Europe. With a 3,000-strong workforce, the company operates a modern fleet of 1,300 Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles, 4,000 loading units and 310,000 m2 of storage capacity.

Waalkade Oss 7