Propaanweg 75 Rotterdam - Vondelingenplaat

Propaanweg 75 Rotterdam - Vondelingenplaat

ProDelta bought the former VOPAK tanker park in 2004 by means of a sale-and-leaseback arrangement. The site was cleaned up in phases and has now been completely redeveloped. The entire site covers more than 18 hectares, on which four distribution complexes have been built with a total area of more than 50,000 m². As well as these logistics buildings, 60,000 m² of the site has been surfaced and put to use as a container terminal with rail connections. ProDelta has also constructed a 200-metre quay for short-sea ships. The terminal has been let to Combi Terminal Twente (CTT) for the long term. ProDelta has shown with this project that it can successfully complete large-scale and complex redevelopments.


Propaangweg 75 is available



Floor areas

825 m²office space (seperate office building)
201 m²

warehouse office space

9,765 m²warehouse (high)
732 m²warehouse (low)
5,536 m²outside space

The indicated metric values have been determined in accordance with the NEN-2580 measurement standard.


The outside area has 78 parking spaces for passenger cars and 11 truck parking spaces.

Rental price

Warehouse*:EUR 67.50/m²
Office spaceEUR 125.00/m² (separaat kantoor entree)
Warehouse office space:EUR 75.00/m²

The rental prices are per year, price level of 2020, plus Dutch VAT and service charges.

* A surcharge of EUR 7.50 per m² per year applies to the unit with certified Hi-Ex inside air extinguishing systems.

Technical specifications

Business space:

  • sandwich panel façade and steel roof;
  • a concrete floor with a maximum floor load of 3,500 kg/m² and a maximum point load of 8,000 kg;
  • the flatness of the concrete floor in the business space is in accordance with Zeile 4;
  • 16 electrically operated overhead doors at platform level;
  • dock levellers (electro-hydraulic) with a load-bearing capacity of 6,000 - 9,000 kg;
  • 8 electrically operated overhead doors at ground level;
  • clear height of 11 metres;
  • lighting by means of LED lighting with an average light output of 200 lux (+ 1 metre);
  • heating by independent heaters;
  • one compartment of approx. 5,000 m² has a certified fire detection system;
  • one compartment of approx. 2,500 m² has a certified sprinkler system, type ESFR K25;
  • one compartment of approx. 2,500 m² has a certified Hi-Ex inside-air extinguishing system.

Office space (separate building at the entrance to the site):

  • office building divided over two levels;
  • windows that can be opened, fitted with burglar-resistant locks and hinges;
  • heating combined with peak cooling and mechanical ventilation;
  • kitchenette, fitted with dishwasher, refrigerator and boiler;
  • ceramic tiles on the floors in the entrance, the hall and the sanitary facilities;
  • lighting by means of LED lighting with an average light output of 500 lux.


  • the site is suitable for traffic category 45 for passenger traffic and traffic category 60 for goods traffic;
  • the site is fully enclosed by a 2.2-metre-high fence;
  • electric remote-controlled sliding gate;
  • the site has 78 parking spaces for cars and 11 parking spaces for lorries.

Service charges

The offsettable advance payment for service charges will be € 2.50/m² per annum plus VAT for the business space and € 5.00/m² per annum plus VAT for the office space. The service charges will include the following supplies and services:

  • regular testing, inspection, certification and maintenance of
    • heating system;
    • overhead doors;
    • sliding gate;
    • dock levellers;
    • sewer pump system;
    • emergency lighting;
    • fire-extinguishing system;
    • fire hose reels and portable fire extinguishers;
    • fire alarm and evacuation system;
  • cleaning of general grounds;
  • maintenance of plants and shrubs;
  • winter maintenance
  • administration fee of 5% of the above-mentioned supplies and services.

The supply of water will take place by means of a direct main meter per unit.
The supply of electricity will be settled by means of an intermediate meter.


Distribution Port Benelux is located along the A4 motorway near the southern entrance of the Benelux tunnel. The location can easily be reached via the A4 and A15 motorways (Europoort-Nijmegen), exit Pernis, port number 3005.

Propaanweg 75 Rotterdam - Vondelingenplaat


Propaanweg 51-53, 75 and 91
3196 KC Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Floor area:

Warehouse: 44,844 m²
Mezzanine: 3,778 m²
Office space: 3,129 m²
Grounds: 76,489 m²