Distriport Bergen op Zoom

Distriport Bergen op Zoom

Distriport Bergen op Zoom is a new logistics complex, part of which is still to be constructed, located on the Noordland industrial estate. The total complex comprises approx. 35,000 m² of logistics space, approx. 5,000 m² of mezzanine space and approx. 1,550 m² of office space, divided into four combinable units. Phase I is available for immediate occupation. The new construction of phase II (approx. 15,000 m² of warehouse space) can be completed within 9 months. The extension of the A4 motorway has created a very fast connection between Rotterdam and Antwerp. The future container terminal (MCT) at Buitenhaven guarantees good multimodal access. This makes Bergen op Zoom an ideal business location.




Phase 1: Immediately
Phase 2: 9 months following agreement

Floor areas

WarehouseOffice spaceMezzanine floorAvailabilityBeschikbaarheid
Unit A (Conradweg 11)7,140 m²559 m²895 m²9 months following agreement

Unit B (Conradweg 9)

7,830 m²235 m²1,040 m²9 months following agreement
Unit C (Contradweg 7)10,490 m²235 m²1,507 m²Immediately
Unit D (Conradweg 5)9,774 m²559 m²1,553 m²Immediately

Office space can be customized. Following delivery a definitive measurements certificate in accordance with NEN 2580 will be drawn up.


Sufficient parking space on site.

Rental price

WarehouseEUR 47.50 / m²

Office space

EUR 120.00 / m²
Mezzanine floorEUR 25.00 / m²

The prices referred to above are per annum, price level 2020, plus VAT and service charges.


Warehouse for the storage and handling of goods.

Technical specifications


  • Clear stacking height of approx. 12.20 metres.
  • Column structure of 16.5 x 22.8 metres.
  • Concrete wall base around the building with a height of 2.5 - 3.5 metres.
  • One loading dock per 700 m² of business space.
  • 10+11 loading docks. Each loading dock is fitted with an electrically operated overhead door of 3.2 x 3.2 metres and an electric hydraulic leveller with a load-bearing capacity of 9,000 kg.
  • 1 electrically operated door at ground level (4 x 4.5 metres) per unit.
  • A concrete floor with a maximum floor load of 5,000 kg/m² and a maximum point load of 9,000 kg.
  • The flatness of the concrete floor in the dispatch area (the first 27.5 metres from the loading docks) is in accordance with DIN 18202.
  • The flatness of the concrete floor in the warehouse is in accordance with DIN 15185 NEN 2741, suitable for narrow corridors and for laying induction wires.
  • Heating by independent heaters.
  • High-frequency (HF) lighting, T5; average light output 200 lux (+ 1 metre).
  • Certified sprinkler system type ESFR-K25.

Mezzanine floor:

  • A mezzanine floor above the loading and unloading zone (upper side of the floor + 8 metres, clear height under the floor at least 5.6 metres), approx. 16 metres deep.
  • A goods lift is optional.
  • Maximum floor load approx. 800 kg/m².
  • Balustrade with a loading and unloading zone, fitted with a pallet gate.

Office space:

  • Office building can be divided over three floors.
  • Windows that can be opened, fitted with burglar-resistant locks and hinges.
  • Heating combined with peak cooling and mechanical ventilation.
  • One kitchenette for each 400 m² of office space, fitted with a dishwasher, refrigerator and boiler.
  • Ceramic tiles on the floors in the entrance hall and sanitary facilities.
  • High-frequency (HF) lighting, T5; average light output 400 lux.
  • Cable ducts fitted with a double wall socket every 1.80 metres and empty provisions for data cabling.


  • The grounds are suitable for passenger traffic and goods traffic (traffic category 45).
  • Separate traffic flows for goods traffic and passenger traffic;
  • Dimensioning and routing on site suitable for ECO Combis / Longer Heavy Vehicles.
  • The grounds are fully enclosed by a 2.40-metre high fence.
  • Electric remote-controlled sliding gates.


The complex will be certified in accordance with BREEAM-NL New Construction. The certification level will be at least Very Good.

Service charges

The offsettable advance payment for service charges will be € 2.50/m² per annum plus VAT for the business space and € 5.00/m² per annum plus VAT for the office space. The service charges will include the following supplies and services:

  • regular testing, inspection, certification and maintenance of
    • electrical system (NEN3140);
    • heating system;
    • cooling system;
    • overhead doors;
    • sliding gate;
    • dock levellers;
    • sewer pump system;
    • emergency lighting;
    • fire-extinguishing system;
    • fire hose reels and portable fire extinguishers;
    • fire alarm and evacuation system;
    • cleaning of general grounds;
  • maintenance of plants and shrubs;
  • administration fee of 5% of the above-mentioned supplies and services.

The lessor will make every effort to have separate main meters for gas, electricity and water installed per unit.


The Noordland industrial estate forms part of the TNP industrial estate (Theodorushaven, Noordland, De Poort) and is situated immediately along the Scheldt-Rhine canal, centrally located between the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam

Distriport Bergen op Zoom


Conradweg 3 t/m 11
4612 PT Bergen op Zoom
The Netherlands

Floor area

Warehouse: 35,234 m²
Office space: 1,588 m²
Mezzanine: 4,995 m²