Distriport Tilburg

Distriport Tilburg is a large-scale distribution complex developed by ProDelta in the Vossenberg West II business park. The location is extremely accessible by road, water and rail and is right next to the Barge Terminal Tilburg. The complex has more than 62,000 m² of warehouse space, 8,000 m² of mezzanine space and 2,000 m² of office space, distributed across six combinable units. The entire complex is let to XPO Logistics on a long-term lease. Distriport Tilburg offers optimum quality, sustainability and flexibility. Elements illustrating this include a clear stacking height of 12.20 metres, a concrete plinth 2.5 to 3.5 metres high, an ultra-flat concrete floor (DIN 15185) and 1 loading dock per 800 m² of business space. The sites are designed with plenty of space to give even ECO Combi trucks and LHVs access to the loading docks without any problems.




Vossenberg West II is readily accessible by road, water and rail, which makes Distriport Tilburg a uniquely accessible multimodal location.


Coming from the north via the A59 and A261 motorways and the Northwest Tangent. Coming from the south via the A58 motorway and the new extended Northwest Tangent. In addition, the business park is integrated in the public transport network.


Immediately adjoining Distriport Tilburg is the newly developed Barge Terminal Tilburg (BTT) ‘Dependance Terminal Vossenberg’ on Wilhelminakanaal. Barge Terminal Tilburg operates daily sailings from Rotterdam to Tilburg and vice-versa. As an inland terminal in Tilburg, BTT is an extended gate for the Rotterdam Seaport.


Via Barge Terminal Tilburg there is a direct connection to Railport Brabant. Railport Brabant is an important multimodal link, enabling rail transport between Tilburg (Brabant) and many European destinations. Railport Brabant has direct connections to the so-called Brabant Route, giving access to Central, Southern and Eastern Europe

Distriport Tilburg


Letostraat 29-35 (5047 RP)
Erebusstraat 9-11 (5047 RN)

5047 RP / 5047 RN Tilburg

The Netherlands

Floor area:

Warehouse: 62,998 m²
Mezzanine: 7,932 m²
Office space: 1,836 m²