Distriport Waalwijk

Distriport Waalwijk

Distriport Waalwijk comprises approximately 69,300 m² warehouse, 12,000 m² mezzanine floors and 2,250 m² office space. Phase 1 of Distriport Waalwijk was built in 2019 and leased in 2020. Phase 2 is currently under development and will be completed in Q1 2021. Approximately 37,000 m² warehouse, 1,130 m² office space and 6,425 m² mezzanine are available for letting.


Phase 1: Leased
Phase 2: Available


Phase 2: Q1 2021

Floor areas phase 2

WarehouseOffice spaceMezzanine floorStatus
Unit 39,330 m²0 m²1,536 m²Available

Unit 4

9,157 m²564 m²1,677 m²Available

Unit 5

9,157 m²564 m²1,677 m²Available

Unit 6

9,330 m²0 m²1,536 m²Available


Sufficient parking space on site.

Rental price

WarehouseEUR 54.00 / m²

Office space

EUR 120.00 / m²
Mezzanine floorEUR 25.00 / m²

The rental prices are per year, price level of 2020, plus Dutch VAT and service charges.


Warehouse for the storage and handling of goods.

Technical specifications


  • clear stacking height of approx. 12.20 meters;
  • column structure of 16.95 x 22.8 / 23.10 meters;
  • concrete wall base around the building to a height of 2.5 / 3.5 meters;
  • 1 loading dock per 666 m² of warehouse space (104 docks in total);
  • each loading dock is fitted with an electrically operated overhead door of
    3.2 x 3.2 meters and an electrical hydraulic leveller with a loadbearing capacity of
    9,000 kg (dynamic);
  • 1 electrically operated door at ground level (4 x 4.5 meters) per unit;
  • concrete floor with a maximum floor load of 5,000 kg / m² and a maximum point load of 9,000 kg;
  • the flatness of the concrete floor in the distribution area (first 16.95 meters from the loading docks) is in accordance with NEN 2747 Table 1, classification 5;
  • the flatness of the concrete floor in the warehouse is in accordance with Din 15185, suitable for narrow corridors and the possibility to place induction cables;
  • heating by means of floor heating in the expedition area via an electric air-water heatpump system (optional via a geothermal heat pump system that stores heat and cold in the soil);
  • lighting by means of LED lighting. Average light output 200 lux (+ 1 meter);
  • certified sprinkler system type ESFR-K25/K14.

Mezzanine floor:

  • a mezzanine floor situated above the loading and unloading zone
    (floor surface + 8 meters, minimum clear height under the floor is 5.5 meters),
    approx. 16.95 meters deep;
  • maximum floor load approx. 800 kg/m²;
  • a goods-/passenger lift is optional per every two units;
  • the mezzanine floor in every unit has a balustrade including a tilting gate.

Office space:

  • the office space may be spread over two floors;
  • extra office space can be built on the mezzanine floor;
  • windows that can be opened, fitted with burglar-resistant locks and hinges;
  • heating and cooling of the offices via a climate ceiling;
  • a kitchenette for each 400 m² of office space, provided with dishwasher, refrigerator and boiler;
  • floors in the entrance, hall and sanitary units fitted with ceramic tiles;
  • lighting by means of LED Lighting. Average light output is 400 lux;
  • cable ducts fitted with one double wall socket per 1.80 meters and empty ducts for data cabling.


  • grounds suitable for traffic category 45 for passenger vehicles and traffic category 60 for goods traffic;
  • 435 parking spaces for passenger vehicles;
  • separate traffic flows for goods traffic and passenger vehicles;
  • the dimensions of and the routing on site are suitable for ECO combi vehicles / LHVs.

Sustainability features:

  • BREEAM certificate: at least excellent with outstanding as our goal;
  • ecological responsible planting (support of local flora and fauna);
  • reusing rainwater for sanitation;
  • sufficient ventilation for a healthy stay- and work climate;
  • temperature regulation per work/stay area;
  • stimulating for responsible origin of building components (ISO 14001)
  • the total building will be gas-free;
  • heating by means of floor heating in the expedition area via an electric air-water heatpump system (optional via a geothermal heat pump system that stores heat and cold in the soil);
  • heating and cooling of the offices via a climate ceiling;
  • lighting by means of LED Lighting managed by the DALI protocol (Digital Addressing Lightning Interface);
  • the total roof will be covered with solar panels, so the tenant can use 100% green power;
  • thermographic research in line with NEN-EN 13187;
  • airtightness is guaranteed with a maximum leakage of 3 m³ / hour / m².

Service charges

The offsettable advance payment for service charges will be € 2.50/m² per annum plus VAT for the business space and € 5.00/m² per annum plus VAT for the office space. The service charges will include the following supplies and services:

  • regular testing, inspection, certification and maintenance of
    • electrical system (NEN3140);
    • heating system;
    • cooling system;
    • overhead doors;
    • sliding gate;
    • dock levellers;
    • sewer pump system;
    • emergency lighting;
    • fire-extinguishing system;
    • fire hose reels and portable fire extinguishers;
    • fire alarm and evacuation system;
    • propane gas tank;
  • cleaning of general grounds;
  • maintenance of plants and shrubs;
  • administration fee of 5% of the above-mentioned supplies and services.

The lessor will make every effort to have separate main meters for gas, electricity and water installed per unit.


Haven 8 is readily accessible by road and water, which makes Distriport Waalwijk a uniquely accessible multimodal location. In the near future current barge terminal will be replaced by a new barge terminal with a capacity of handling ships up to class 5.

Distriport Waalwijk


Pakketweg 1 - 7
5145 NG Waalwijk
The Netherlands

Floor area

Warehouse: 69,299 m²
Mezzanine: 12,072 m²
Office space: 2,257 m²